I used to always send a printed  copy of your invoice and include it with your order, when you ordered from my stores. Not that I’ve had that many stores, but I’ve had SadiesTreasureTrunk.com in different locations [including ebay] and sold vastly different items using that domain name.  SadiesTreasureTrunk.com was an ebay store, and when I moved her out of ebay this past spring, I turned her into a Home Fragrance and Fragrance Warming Lamp store, which brings me to what this post is supposed to be about!

Click to read more, and see an example of an ecard I send as a Thank You note.

I try to keep my costs as low as possible, which helps to me to keep your costs down.  Ink cartridges are expensive, and of course the more I print, the more cartridges I have to buy. SO, when ordering from my Home Fragrance and Diffuser store in ecrater, SadiseTreasureTrunk , I send you an Ecard [electronic card sent by email] from AmericanGreetings.com and include your order details in that ecard. You will receive a link in an email, that opens your American Greetings Ecard. This email should arrive in your  inbox , but it may go to your ‘spam’ folder. Please do not hesitate to click the link to your ecard. It is from me and is just a THANK YOU card, with your order details included. I also put a savings discount in some of the ecards!

I made this American Greetings Ecard and sent it to myself. Click here to see it.