Do you throw away a Smelly Jelly when you think it has long served its purpose, or no longer smells so good because smoke or other odor has invaded your smelly jelly crystals or your scent, and you just figure you have to discard it? Well don’t throw it away! Revamp that Smelly Jelly!

I made several Smelly Jellys for myself this past spring and had them placed in different rooms. The last time I added water and a little Fragrance Oil, I noticed that my Smellie Jellies just didn’t smell as good as they used to, even after adding a little more Fragrance Oil! So, its REVAMP TIME!

 I had made my Smelly Jellys in different colors and used different fragrances in each, but no problem, I can fix that too refreshing smelly jelly crystalsand start all over!
I dumped all the jars of smelly jelly into one strainer [with small holes] and set the strainer in my kitchen sink under running water.

I used a spoon to stir the jelly crystals with water still running on them. I ran water for 4 or 5 minutes, then I set the strainer in a large bowl, ran more water into the crystals until the bowl under the strainer was full of water. I let all of it sit an hour or so, then repeated the process. After repeating a few times I had just about all the color washed out of my smelly jellys and the fragrance was washing away at the same time.

After I had dumped all the various colors of smelly jellies into the strainer, I had one ugly color of crystals in my strainer! [NOT the color you see above, I forgot to take a pic! But it was red, green, blue and purple, all mixed together- yuk!]But as you can see in this photo, just about all the color is gone. I give it one more good washing and straining and I once again had the white smelly jelly crystals- fragrance free – that I started with over 6 months ago! and started them all over again 😀