Inspiration Behind SadiesTreasureTrunk

I post about my store SadiesTreasureTrunk, and some of the items listed in that store, on this blog.
I’ve owned the domain name SadiesTreasureTrunk for five years, but it’s kinda been held hostage since this past spring. I paid Sadies ransom and she’s back on the web, being the name of my Home Fragrance and Diffuser store

For those that have been to any of my websites, blogs, or my twitter account, may have noticed that I name some of my items, like my Electric Oil Warmers and our custom
Fragrance Oils, after some of the animals that live atop Paradise Mountain. I now take this opportunity to introduce you to Sadie.

Sadie was born in 1996, being one of four little bittie rat terrier/fox terrier cross puppies out of KC. When an animal makes its home with us, whether it be a dog, a horse, a raccoon, a wolf, or whatever, it is there to stay forever.
Sadie was a pure sweetheart, and the best squirrel treeing dog, and snake killing dog you ever seen! In this photo is sadie and her pup Belle, attacking a copperhead. As long as Sadie and Belle were around, snakes weren’t!
My little Sadie was the inspiration for the name of my store, SadiesTreasureTrunk.
Sadie passed away a few months ago at 14 years of age. I miss you Sadie girl but you live on in my Home Fragrance and Diffuser Store, at

Snake dog???

Sadie of - wholesale store for retail customersDead Copperhead – it just don’t know it yet!

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