There can be differences in fragrance oils having the same name, depending on where you purchase them. There are different things to use to dilute fragrance oils before they are sold, DPG being an example. When companies buy their fragrance oils from a manufacturer, or a wholesale distributor, MANY of them “cut” or dilute their oils before bottling them. This is to make more money for their investment.

The stores that ‘cut’ their fragrances, cut at a ratio of 80/20 (if they want to be really nice) others cut at 75/25. That is 75% Fragrance Oil and 25% of the diluting agent! (If you use Fragrance Oils in a Mist Fountain or anything that uses a mistmaker, DO NOT USE CUT FRAGRANCES! Most cutters are oily and will clog a mistmaker and other items)

Our fragrance oils are manufacturer grade, 100% liquid concentrate. We Do Not dilute our Fragrances so you get the BEST!

Our high quality, undiluted fragrance oils can be used in candle making, soap making, lotions, to scent (or rescent) wool dryer balls, for scenting clay, bath salts, bath bombs, lamp rings, sachets, potpourri, freshen up candles, make incense. Our Fragrance oils can also be used in reed diffusers, lotions, and waxed dipped teddy bears, and for electric oil warmers-  of course. ahahaha

Note: since our fragrance oils are 100% concentrate, we suggest that you test them in finished products before making any conclusions.  Since our fragrances are strong, we suggest only using 1/2 ounce to 1.0 ounce of fragrance per pound of candle wax.

All our Fragrances work well in soy wax, palm wax, and paraffin wax.

There IS shelf life for Fragrance Oils! This is why we do not keep large amounts in stock for any scent. If it sits on the shelf for 6-8 months, well, we’ll just say it is not as strong as it was when first purchased. If the fragrance is a really strong one, for instance  BLACK CHERRY BOMB or DUSTY ROSE- then that amount of shelf time won’t hurt them- they are STRONG!

I will be adding information about each fragrance oil, flash points, and all that kind of stuff later. If you want to know about a fragrance before I get it posted, just ask.

We sell our Fragrance Oils in 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, and some 8 oz bottle sizes. IF I don’t have the size listed that you want- ASK!

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