Ebay vs Ecrater Stores

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I am compelled to blog about some of the differences between an ebay store and a NON ebay store, specifically, an Ecrater store although many other FREE marketplaces apply. I won’t attempt to point out ALL the differences, but a few basics anyway.

I’ve received comments from people after they have visited my online ecrater store, SadiesTreasureTrunk, with some of those comments being along the line of, “I was in your store but don’t know how to add items to my cart” or “I thought this was an ebay store” and even, “there didn’t seem to be much there”
So, first of all, my ebay store is NOT open right now. I don’t open it until September, for the holiday shopping season. Second, there are always more items in my NON ebay store as there is in my ebay store- because it is FREE!

When you purchase an item from an ebay store, the owner of that store has expenses. Who do you think ultimately pays for those expenses? YOU DO! My Fragrance Oils are not wholesale priced in my ebay store, and every Electric Oil Warmer I have is at least $3 higher. Many ecrater store owners offer much lower prices in their ecrater store than in their ebay store, because there are no expenses in their ecrater store, and you can find great deals because of it

Just a little info……………….. and my next post will be a little more on ‘How to navigate my ecrater store‘ to make it easier for you to find ALL my items ūüôā


Ebay Store RE-Opening


I just RE-opened my ebay store and am in the process of adding Electric Fragrance Oil Warmers, Tart Candle Warmers, NASCAR Candle Warmers, and Fragrance Oils Electric Fragrance Warmers, Candle Warmers,fragrance Oils, Tarts, oil warmer Parts

On every item, I add this comment – See my Blog at http://Electric-Fragrance-Oil-Warmers.com for more info on …….- all my items —- I will be adding posts about my Oil Warmers and Candle Warmers just as soon as I can get my items listed.

Please bare with me while I complete my listings.

ck out my ebay store as it grows!

How to navigate my Home Fragrance Store and ecrater

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I created Sadies Treasure Trunk 6 years ago and have had her [see the story and inspiration behind SadiesTreasureTrunk] at several different hosts, the last one being an ebay store, which I closed last spring.
But I now have her at a totally different style of web store. I’ve always been able to do, and say, and how much I wanted to say, in my online stores, Ebay being the most limited with what I could do. Until this last move, a move to a totally FREE WEB STORE BUILDER- A ‘MARKETPLACE’ called ecrater.
Ecrater.com is a very simple, very easy to use store builder. BUT sometimes you can get lost as a buyer.

IF you get to one of my items by clicking a link in google- or ANY search – you will go to MY item, but you will NOT be in my store! You will be in the main ecrater site. To get to MY STORE and stay in it do one of the following:

copy/paste in your address bar  http://SadiesTreasureTrunk.com

OR look at the top left corner of the page. Does it say ecrater? If it says “Ecrater” look at the right side of the page, you will see the price of the item you searched for, and right below the price you will see this —->>
Seller: electric-aroma-diffusers      View Store           click on View Store, and it will take you to MY store.
FYI – you will see the seller as ‘electric-aroma-diffusers ‘¬† THAT IS WHAT MY STORE IS CALLED IN ECRATER!

To see all my items, while in MY store, either click on one of the featured categories at the bottom of the page, each “Featured Category” will have a photo of one of the items in that category.
OR¬† Look at the top of the page, while in my store, and you will see the word “CATEGORIES” click that link to see the categories in MY STORE

For Fragrance Oils: I have 4 different sizes – 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz bottles. Click on the size bottle that you want to look at, or see ALL of them by clicking on Fragrance Oils.


Fragrance Warmers Moved AGAIN!

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to another new location…….electric oil warming burner lamps,wholesale oil warmers, 35 watt halogen bulb aroma lamps

as we arrived into the new year I had another brainstorm and decided to make some drastic changes to Sadies Treasure Trunk – again. Thats part of the beauty of owning your own items, your own store[s], and your own url[s]!

With that being said, I am pleased to announce that we maintain our LOW PRICE GUARANTEE  and invite you the new location for our Electric Oil Warmers, Aroma Diffuser Lamps, Fragrance Oils [with free shipping], Candle Warmers, and nascar official Dale Earbhart Jr #88 Candle Fragrance WarmerNASCAR Candle Warming plates and Electric Candle fragrance warmersРwith even LOWER PRICES!

I am still in the process of moving our electric oil warmers and aromas from our ebay store, but come on over and check it out.


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NASCAR 2 -in – 1 Candle Warmer, Aroma Diffusers, Tart Warmers…..¬† are now in my ebay store at http://SadiesTreasureTrunk.com with a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE- as always!
#88 Dale Jr , #48 Jimmy Johnson  and #24 Jeff Gordon. If you want a different NASCAR racing Fragrance Diffuser, let me know, I can probably get it!

These NASCAR Candle Warmers / Aroma Diffusers / Tart Warmers make great gifts for any NASCAR Racing Fan, or for anyone that loves their home filled with great scents using great Official Nascar Home Decor!

nascar official Dale Earnhart Jr #88 Candle Fragrance Warmer


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