NASCAR Large Candle Warmers and
NASCAR 2 Piece Candle Warmers with Tart Dish

NASCAR Jeff Gordon,  Dale Earnhardt Jr,   Tony Stewart, and Jimmie Johnson, Officially Licensed Racing Reflections Candle Warmers. I have 2 styles of NASCAR Candle Warmers -the Large ‘Full Wrap Design’ NASCAR Candle Warmers, and the 2 piece or ‘2-in-1’ Candle Warmer with Tart Dish
**Full Wrap Design means your jar Candle is completely enclosed within the Candle Warmer

Large ‘Full Wrap Design’ NASCAR Candle Warmers:
Jeff Gordon # 24 Jimmie Johnson #48 Dale Earnhardt Jr #88
‘Full Wrap Design’ means the jar candle is fully self-contained inside the Candle Warmer
Jar Candle’ is a candle that is in any standard candle glass jar

My NASCAR 2-in-1 Candle and Tart Warmers include:
Jeff Gordon #24
Jimmie Johnson #48 Tony Stewart #2

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